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Having a pool and having a clean pool are two very different things. Thankfully Vega Pool Pros specializes in the latter and can transform any pool into one that is clean, healthy, and swim ready. We specialize in treating both chlorine and salt pools and maintaining the equipment used to keeps these pools in prime condition and as safe as possible. This includes:

  • Algae clean up
  • Pool remodels
  • Water features
  • Automation
  • Pool lights
  • Deck repair
  • Stone work
  • Acid wash
  • Chlorine bath
  • Drain and fill
  • Pool fences
  • Equipment problems
        Pop up cleaners


Above Industry standards
For the past decade “pool guys” have settled for simply showing up each week unannounced and put in the minimum amount of work to get your pool “bandaided” up till next week.

The VEGA Approach
We have done away with the traditions of “basic cleaning” where if you want anything done right you get nickled and dimed. We give you a flat rate that includes everything, no random charges from us, ever.

Qualified Professionals
Your Pool Pro will start at the equipment, ensuring efficiency and safety for you pool, then moving on to the water analysis, where all aspects of water health are examined to minimize the use of strong products.

Your water data is stored in our proprietary app that helps us track and manage the health of your pool. This same app will notify you when your Pool Pro is enroute as well as when he job is complete, giving you peace of mind that your pool is being taken care of. In case of special requests our app allows you to text or email your Pool Pro directly.

We strive for excellence and trust, and we won’t be satisfied until you are.

Vega Pool services include:

  • All chemicals included (no hidden fees or monthly rate increases)
  • Text and email notifications of when your pool technician is enroute and status of job completion.
  • Small parts warranty
  • Trained and licensed equipment repairs and installations
  • Digital water health tracker
  • GPS tracked pool pros
  • Technology
  • Digital records of service, repairs, and chemical balancing
  • Professional uniforms and branded vehicles
  • Same day servicing
  • Emergency weekend repairs
  • Easy communication
  • Unlimited filter cleaning program (small monthly rate added to plan)
  • Rates are custom tailored to your pool needs

Services and Price Plans
One of the many things that set Vega Pools apart from the competition is our unique price plans. Our rates, though custom tailored to your specific needs, don’t include hidden fees for basic chemicals and small parts replacements. You pay one rate, and we take care of the rest. We offer a “green-to-clean” plan, a weekly service plan, a forever clean filter package, salt cell lease, and vacuum lease.

We also offer military and student discounts, and have a well compensated referral program ($25 visa gift card for every referral who signs up for a weekly service).